Murphy Choy

Server Installations VS Virtualization

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2011 at 2:41 am

It is an interesting start to the day. Some one has commented about the problems of virtualization and the slowness of the system. I have to say that such problems existed since the beginning of virtualization but has improved considerably in the past few years.

One key problem of virtualization is the requirements of having an OS running another OS on top of it. This problem is extremely serious when there is insufficient RAMs or CPUs to run the virtualization. However, in mid-range servers, we have systems with a couple of CPUs and RAMs that are huge in size. With a good number of CPUs to run the image with respectable amount of RAM, virtualization has less performance issues.

Another important aspect of virtualization is the portability of the image which can be tranferred round easily to be deployed to another system should there be catastrophical disasters to the servers. However, many people tend not to take this into consideration when running the servers. The other important to note is that should there be any accidents that destroyed the virtualized image, we can always back it up with the original image.

All in all, given a good system, virtualization should not that much of an issue.


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