Murphy Choy

Programming VS point and click

In Uncategorized on May 27, 2011 at 4:23 am

Many analysts debate on the need for the analysts to learn programming and whether this skill has been superseded by the advance of point and click statistical packages. In fact, this is an extremely hot topic now given the proliferations of statistical packages.

Point and click has its inherent advantages of making analysis or even for that matter data manipulation simpler for beginner to use. This is extremely attractive for companies starting out on analytics and lack the necessary talents for doing all these work. At the same time, point and click offers to provide simple tools for advance users the ease of doing simple tasks without resorting to extreme programming.

With ease and simplicity lies its major downside, any point and click software will have massive amount of difficulties completing huge number of redundant tasks as these requires many clicks to achieve a medium amount of tasks. In this aspect, programming is inevitably more efficient for redundant tasks. At the same time, good macros can be developed to achieve all these tasks in subsequent work.

A balance between the two is always desired and my opinion is that they complement one another.


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