Murphy Choy

Satirical comments and text analytics

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2011 at 4:33 am

Recently there has been comments and criticisms of text analytics being incapable of managing, analysing and interpreting blogging sites, Facebook pages, web forums and tweeting online. This is especially the case for webpages which contain linguistic style that are too flamboyant and satirical in nature. All these comments are done in good will but they are misguided.

Much of the problem analysing these problems relates to the difficulty in developing an appropriate corpus. Very often we are limited by the context of the corpus material being used. However, these materials tend to be generic in nature and thus cannot be expected to perform to its maximum potential. The other issue is that they are actually limited in terms of scope by the material that are commonly available.

The fastest and simplest solution to this uncommon problem is the active use of customisation in the development of corpus as well as a good dictionary of  idiom. At the same time, you could also train your system on the information provided as part of the training base.


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